Ordinary Not is a graphical identity created by Destini Lynch. A student in art school, I offer my services at a discounted price. With every request I become one step closer to reaching maximum potential as a designer.


Hi, My Name

Destini Lynch

Who is behind the pixel you ask? None other than, me, the ambitious artist. My dreams of designing started early in my sophomore year of high school. I attended a career oriented school geared toward teaching students about the career they had chosen.

During high school I decided to start my own club. With the help of my graphics teacher the Graphic Design Club was born. Our club banded together and designed customized mouse pads and T-shirts. Clubs from all around the school were coming to us for our excellent custom service and great designs. Not only the president of my own club, I also joined Future Business Leaders of America where I entered the Digital Design & Promotion Category with my partner Monica. Together we designed a logo that not only won 1st place in our district, but also won 2nd in state and qualified us to compete nationally in Orlando, Florida.

I knew graphic design was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I am amazed by art and all its wonders. I enjoy harnessing my creativity in to lovely practical packages. Seeing my designs come to life is my greatest joy next to perfecting a drawing. I am currently attending college where I hope to learn more and more about my field and become a professional. After becoming a designer, I hope to accomplish much great things with my skills.


A collection containing most of my digital works, They consist of photo manipulation project and also work that I have done for various clients. My traditional work is mostly of pencil drawings of my imagination.


Always ready to harness my skills, I offer a few graphical services. Excluding A design fee, only cost acommpanied are materials and publication


This includes and not limited to bussiness cards, posters, invitations, etc. I will provide a design that is custom to your needs. In turn, the only fee accompanied is the cost to have the design published..


Need custom T-shirt but don’t want to pay the high cost of designer or attempt to create your own mediocre design? I will only charge you the cost of the shirts themselves. If you are only seeking a design I ask only for me to be credited for the design. If T-shirts is not what your seeking I can also provide designs other apparel


The only serivces taht does require a design fee is branding. If your organiztion or company is seeking an idenity, it will only cost you thrity us dollars. This includes logo, business card, flyers, and poster designs. The fee does not include the cost to get the designs published..


Feel free to drop a message any time you like. If your interested in using my services, kindly leave a message, and I will back to you promptly.- [Notice: Form below is currently out of order please email [email protected]]=-[

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